About Kimono禅zen


In recent years, kimonos are becoming a major fashion category like dresses and pants and as a Japanese-owned brand, we’re overjoyed and honored that the word “kimono” is getting recognized. It also inspired us to share a little more about the artistic world of authentic Japanese Kimonos. We started selling Haori Kimono jackets as an easy introduction and experience to the Kimono world.

An authentic Japanese Kimono is:

  • One of a kind
  • Made of silk
  • Sewn by hand


Provide products that are authentically Japanese with a modern twist.


At Kimono禅zen, tradition and modern styles merge. You get to choose your own adventure: wear our clothes in a traditional way, a modern way, or a brand new way. Culture and fashion is meant to be shared, and we want everyone to respect each other’s style choices.


We strive to provide authentic, vintage, one-of-a-kind clothes and a welcoming space where anyone who is interested in Japanese culture can freely experience it, enjoy it, and take a piece of it home. We’re here to help you express who you are without feeling intimidated by Japanese rules and traditions.